Definition of futtock in US English:



  • Each of the curved timber pieces forming the lower part of a ship's frame.

    • ‘They included keels, floor frames, futtocks and stem posts, representing parts of a clinker-built boat up to 8m long with a beam of some 2.5m, which was possibly used for coastal fishing.’
    • ‘The futtocks are the parts of a wooden hull's frame, or rib; our weekend assignment is to make two frames.’
    • ‘Similarly, some boats utilized only nails to join the futtock to the frame, while others used various combinations of bolts and nails.’
    • ‘The remaining futtocks are not attached to floors, but simply treenailed to the hull planking.’
    • ‘Both the stanchion futtock and the top timber will be replaced.’


Middle English: perhaps from Middle Low German, or from foot + hook.