Definition of fustily in US English:



  • See fusty

    • ‘In the project to reclaim folk music, how was the listener to hear the personal behind the fustily archetypal?’
    • ‘Most businesses in that situation would have tried desperately (and fustily) to adapt the existing equipment to the new requirements and eventually destroy themselves trying to pound a square equipment peg into a proverbial round hole of need.’
    • ‘Though the meat was fabric-thin and tender, orange peel dominated the sauce like an overzealous church matron, fustily perfumed and bitter.’
    • ‘Granted, since most modern readers live lives thankfully remote from the class-consciousness of an aristocracy, it is hard to come up with a courtly idiom that is both plausible and comprehensible without sounding fustily British.’
    • ‘Yet for all his roughshod opinions, Orwell was a gentle man who could be as fustily English as tea and crumpets.’