Definition of fusionist in US English:



  • 1A person who strives for coalition between political parties or factions.

    • ‘Thus, the fusionists contend that, under current precedent, biotech patents, which often involve subject matter that is difficult to describe, are more susceptible to validity challenges.’
    • ‘The fusionists began speaking out against overt White supremacy and anti-Semitism, and ostracized the John Birch Society for its paranoid-sounding conspiracy theories.’
    • ‘In the 60's we had traditionalists, fusionists, libertarians, etc.’
    • ‘The fusionists of yesteryear made a pact with the devil of Big Government at the beginning of the cold war.’
    • ‘Then the fusionist has a problem on his hands if his main case for fusionism is that the market fosters virtue.’
    • ‘To the extent libertarians deserted the GOP in 2006, they probably did so for precisely the same reason that a fusionist like me sat out 2006.’
    • ‘What the libertarian has to offer, the fusionists maintain, is a good understanding of the meaning of freedom, of the dangers facing it, and especially of the connection between economic and other forms of freedom.’
    • ‘Shouldn't the fusionists have hailed and come to the support of these educational opposition movements?’
  • 2A player or fan of music that is mixture of two modern styles.

    • ‘No one had told him that you couldn't put rockers like the Pink Fairies' Paul Rudolph or Roxy's Paul Thompson in the same studio as out-and-out fusionists such as Percy Jones or avant-gardists like Holger Czukay.’
    • ‘Local fusionists 5 Line Legacy blend hardcore, hip hop, drum & bass, punk and reggae on their Switch EP, and finally, you want moody?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there are occasions when the group skirt dangerously close to the same easy-listening tar pits that have ensnared so many post-rock fusionists.’
    • ‘Borrowings from ballet and modern dance were the logical next phase; they're now so prevalent in Spanish dance that an artist who integrates them well, such as Belen Maya, is often not readily thought of as a flamenco fusionist.’
    • ‘Jacko may have ruled the pop music scene for a good portion of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, but jazz fusionists Metalwood recall a jazz scene from a similar time that was ruled by another Jaco - Pastorius, to be precise.’