Definition of fusimotor in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting the motor neurons with slender fibers which innervate muscle spindles.

    • ‘Muscle spindle endings respond to very small changes in muscle length, and the gain of their input can be affected by the specialized motor output from the spinal cord to the spindles, termed the fusimotor system.’
    • ‘Eliminating the gamma fusimotor drive prevents alteration in jaw muscle spindle afferent discharge following algesic chemical stimulation.’
    • ‘Gamma motoneurons that innervate the muscle spindles and affect the spindle outflow are often referred to as the fusimotor system.’
    • ‘With fusimotor activity a new relationship is generated parallel to, but slightly above the lower line.’
    • ‘All 3 types of fibre respond to fusimotor activity with graded contractions localised to the more polar regions.’