Definition of fusillade in US English:



  • A series of shots fired or missiles thrown all at the same time or in quick succession.

    ‘marchers had to dodge a fusillade of missiles’
    figurative ‘a fusillade of accusations’
    • ‘A fusillade of cruise missiles had been launched from four US cruisers and a submarine, and a supporting British sub.’
    • ‘But instead of blasting him with fusillades from the TV, they must reach him through hundreds of Web sites, channels, video games, even billboards.’
    • ‘Almost any newly translated French or Italian philosopher becomes fashionable, regardless of whether appropriate or not, and is hailed with a fetishistic fusillade of anachronistic footnotes.’
    • ‘The search was wrapped up, and soldiers jumped back into the vehicles-buttoning up for an expected fusillade of rocks, if not gunfire, as they left.’
    • ‘There was a fusillade of bullets which spun me around.’
    • ‘Given that context, his recent fusillade of fulmination must have been nothing more than friendly fire.’
    • ‘On 26 August 1944 he walked down the Champs Elysées to the acclamation of a vast crowd, and then went on to Notre Dame, where he stood unmoved when a sudden fusillade broke out inside the cathedral.’
    • ‘Dipping into the nation's exchequer, he exclaimed: ‘Show me the general who can withstand a fusillade of pesos!’’
    • ‘I then wondered whether, if a sniper starting shooting into the crowd, I would be able to find adequate cover from the fusillade of bullets which would be raining down upon the commuters and workers crossing the road.’
    • ‘The match itself started 10 minutes late because of the terrible fusillade of fireworks and even military smoke shells.’
    • ‘On arrival they were met by a fusillade of fire from the top of the arch, bombs being thrown down on the military vehicles.’
    • ‘He effectively followed up with his fusillade of punches to prompt the stoppage.’
    • ‘Knight does not explain how he knew the shot must have come from inside the field, and since the cadet was in the second car, the police fusillade must have begun by the time he was climbing over the turnstiles.’
    • ‘Another fusillade of shots clipped nets and thumped into wood.’
    • ‘But the thrust of this series is to unleash a fusillade of jokes, some of which are rattled off so fast that multiple viewings are required to pick them out.’
    • ‘The fusillades of the firing squads (at least one of which López himself directed) roared so often and so ubiquitously that some mistook them for the sound of Brazilian invaders.’
    • ‘Third, other witnesses agreed that the fusillade began almost immediately after the first few shots.’
    • ‘Rasping winds arose and a fusillade of words rained down.’
    • ‘A deadly fusillade of slaved ACP missiles raced out at the Destroyer's bridge tower.’
    • ‘Once brought under control by the mahouts, it lumbered across the river - this time to a fusillade of stones and rotting fruit thrown by the now vengeful onlookers.’
    salvo, volley, barrage, bombardment, cannonade, battery, burst, blast, hail, shower, rain, stream, broadside, blitz, discharge
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[with object]archaic
  • Attack (a place) or shoot down (someone) by a series of shots fired at the same time or in quick succession.

    • ‘Thousands of people were fusilladed without any form of trial.’
    • ‘Most of the members - including Sam - were sentenced to death and fusilladed in the early morning of 1 July 1443 in the Dunes of Overveen.’
    • ‘These legality saving measures were not taken into account in the highest degree either by the air bombes, or by the furious fire in the Kálvin square part of the house, or by the soviet soldiers and arrow-cross henchmen fusillading in the staircase.’
    • ‘They went into hiding in Katlijk, but where betrayed and fusilladed by the German oppressor.’
    shell, torpedo, pound, blitz, strafe, pepper, fire at, fire on, bomb
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Early 19th century: from French, from fusiller ‘to shoot’, from fusil (see fusil).