Definition of fusible in English:



  • Able to be fused or melted easily.

    • ‘In a car, fusible links are usually placed very close to the battery so that if anything goes wrong, they're the first thing to blow.’
    • ‘For loose or bulky knits, apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side to stabilize and encourage them to perform more like woven fabrics.’
    • ‘Some of these alloys, which melt at temperatures even lower than the boiling point of water, are referred to as fusible alloys.’
    • ‘Using a press cloth, press one side of the fusible web to the lamé. Fuse another web piece to the grosgrain ribbon.’
    • ‘If you don't sew, you can use iron on fusible tape.’
    • ‘Stabilize the centerfront edges with fusible stay tape on the fabric wrong side. Also fuse the tape over the shoulder and armhole seamlines.’
    • ‘There also are paper-back fusible products that can be ironed on the appliqué wrong side, then heat-pressed in place on the garment.’
    • ‘Draw the design onto fusible or plain tear-away stabilizer.’
    • ‘If necessary, fuse interfacing to the slipcover fabric wrong side, or fuse two fabric layers together with fusible web.’
    • ‘When traditional stitching is eliminated in favor of securing fabrics with fusible adhesive, the result is a quick-to-finish garment.’
    • ‘Interfacing shouldn't make the fabric stiff - use a fusible tricot or a lightweight, sew-in woven interfacing; test a swatch.’
    • ‘Stabilize the pleats with lightweight fusible interfacing.’
    • ‘Other fabrics (such as canvas) may be bonded to the fashion fabric with fusible web to darken the room even more.’
    • ‘Apply fusible web to the patch wrong side and fuse it to the garment, following the manufacturer's instructions.’
    • ‘Quick response sprinklers with fusible elements that are highly responsive to the change in the temperatures are used in residential occupancies.’
    • ‘Wrought iron contains only a few tenths of a percent of carbon, is tough, malleable, less fusible, and has usually a ‘fibrous’ structure.’
    • ‘Choose a fusible or non-fusible cut-away stabilizer in a weight to complement the fabric weight.’
    • ‘Sew covers for the pillows out of luxe cranberry and chocolate brown fabrics (use fusible tape for a no-sew seaming option).’
    • ‘In situations where temperature could pose a threat, fusible plugs are designed to melt and release the gas long before critical pressure levels are reached.’
    • ‘Tens of millions of years earlier these two black holes were simply stars, until they exhausted all their fusible fuel and collapsed to the most compact state imaginable.’


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from medieval Latin fusibilis, from fundere ‘pour, melt’.