Definition of fused silica in US English:

fused silica


  • An extremely transparent glass made from fusing silica, commonly used in optical lenses.

    • ‘The cost effectiveness of the replication process is further enhanced by the excellent adherence of hybrid glass to fused silica, which allows dicing without risk of delamination.’
    • ‘One of the most troublesome is that the 157-nm wavelength requires the use of crystalline materials like calcium fluoride, rather than the fused silica commonly used for 193-nm wavelengths.’
    • ‘Capillaries have excellent pressure stability and the optical properties of fused silica are very good.’
    • ‘Names like quartz, silica, fused silica, fused quartz, synthetic quartz, synthetic fused silica or synthetic fused quartz have been used in various publications, sometimes to describe the same product.’
    • ‘In addition to superior transmission characteristics, synthetic fused silica exhibits higher thermal properties, exceptional purity, and excellent environmental durability for demanding applications.’
    • ‘The mirror materials include varied glasses, fused silica, and sapphire.’
    • ‘Because of availability and optical quality, BK7 and fused silica have emerged as the most common substrate materials used in the ultra-violet to near-infrared wavelength regions.’
    • ‘These materials cost more than the more commonly used fused silica or BK - 7.’
    • ‘Cooling molten silica below the melting point results in fused silica, a rigid, transparent substance, chemically unreactive to the vast majority of substances.’
    • ‘Indeed, index data on materials like calcium fluoride and fused silica vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, or between theoretical and experimental values.’
    • ‘The incorporation of an optical pulse stretcher is necessary due to the possibility of index of refraction changes that fused silica may undergo after long-term exposure to UV radiation.’
    • ‘Non-metallic contaminants also impact the optical properties of fused silica, in both positive and negative fashions.’
    • ‘If, for example, we study the transmission of an irradiated sample of fused silica during UV exposure, the induced absorption is clearly visible.’
    • ‘The thermal conductivity of fused silica is low.’
    • ‘Preferred ceramic powders are fused silicas and ground quartzes.’
    • ‘After determining that certain fused silicas had neither aluminum nor germanium impurities, we identified the intrinsic defects that were created solely by the neutrons and gamma rays.’
    • ‘Because of its low thermal expansion coefficient and exceptional transmittance over a wide spectral range (especially in the UV), optical grade fused silica is an ideal material for thin precision UV optical windows, MEMS wafers, and optoelectronic substrates.’
    • ‘While perfectly satisfactory for the intended purpose, lamp envelopes made of these special fused silicas are very expensive.’
    • ‘And we also have some stable users in the oversea market for our above precipitated and fused silicas.’
    • ‘This includes optical and filter glasses, plastics, fused silicas, quartz, and infrared materials, such as germanium, and zinc compounds.’