Definition of furzy in US English:



  • See furze

    • ‘These two paints alone, across the full range from masstone to tint, mix a remarkably evocative range of colors - a furzy tan, ripe orange red, deep brown, granite gray, jet black, indigo, a deep dark blue and a cool sky blue.’
    • ‘From Tavistock to Lidford we travel under the shadow of Dartmoor's furzy slopes; from Lidford to Launceston we journey through a fertile and beautifully wooded district, all hill and hollow.’
    • ‘If the Londoner visitor to our ‘province of houses’ tire or of the inevitable urban hurry and worry, he could do no better than take a leisurely walking-trip among those ‘high grassy and furzy downs, coombs, or ewe-leases.’’