Definition of furuncular in US English:



  • See furuncle

    • ‘For the oestrids that extensively migrate like the Hypodermatinae, the avermectins are able to kill both migrating and furuncular stages.’
    • ‘Lidocaine hydrochloride can also be injected into the furuncular lesion to facilitate extraction.’
    • ‘Infestation by flies of the genus Hypoderma is characterized by general signs and symptoms (fever, itching, arthromyalgias, hypereosinophylia) followed by the appearance of furuncular or creeping myiasis.’
    • ‘Prophylaxis in design, construction and maintenance is valuable, but experience with furuncular conditions is inevitable in even the most ideal systems.’
    • ‘Symptoms of infestation include a locally painful, firm furuncular lesion, often with a centrally located pore.’