Definition of furtiveness in US English:



  • See furtive

    • ‘I understand though that there was a certain amount of furtiveness or subterfuge involved in getting this Aboriginal cricket team out of the country to set sail for England.’
    • ‘More than honest, it's the image of a major artist courageously butting her head against the furtiveness and sadism of Stalinist and post-Stalinist bureaucracy.’
    • ‘She hated all the lies, the dishonesty, the furtiveness, but it was the only way of escaping Walter's clutches and a loveless life of imprisonment and restraint.’
    • ‘The second thing was the furtiveness with which my inquiries were met.’
    • ‘For our generation, then, the Sixties were indeed the beginning of sex, and we had an easier time than the previous generation who had the embarrassment, furtiveness and guilt, or later generations who had the threat of Aids.’