Definition of furthest in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • variant form of farthest
    • ‘And, why not when you have handcrafted things from the farthest corners of the country, under one roof.’
    • ‘The Full Moon is much larger and brighter when it is closest, compared with farthest away.’
    • ‘There are fewer than fifty other known objects at such a great distance from Earth, and the farthest is only a mere 50 million light-years more distant.’
    • ‘The Magellanic Clouds are at a declination of about - 70 degrees, so that the farthest northern latitude from which they can be seen is about 20 degrees.’
    • ‘Pluto is usually the furthest planet from the Sun, but due to its highly elliptical orbit, it is sometimes closer than the planet Neptune.’
    • ‘Arctic Terns in particular will travel the farthest distance of any tern and of any known animal.’
    • ‘At the moment we are at the furthest position south that the RRS Ernest Shackleton has ever been as a BAS ship.’
    • ‘Dave Price has taken lucky traveling partners to some exotic, distant places on ‘All-Access’ adventures, but the one this weekend is the most exotic, and furthest away yet.’
    • ‘In its documents, the group described a world view on the furthest fringes of millennialism, with disconnected elements of Christianity interpreted through a thick lens of science fiction.’
    • ‘Astronomers studying 35 NASA Hubble Space Telescope images of the solar system's farthest known object, unofficially named Sedna, are surprised the object does not appear to have a companion moon of any substantial size.’
    • ‘The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death but when I stand in front of you yet you don't know that I love you’
    • ‘It's probably a really easy question (it's just for curiosity's sake), but how far away, in light years, is the furthest star visible from the earth?’


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