Definition of furrowy in US English:



  • See furrow

    • ‘In a soil cultivating implement comprising a harrow with tines and a trailing bladed rotor for smoothing the furrowy nature of the field surface left behind the rear row of harrow tines, the blades of said rotor are arranged in groups with intermediate spaces aligned with the harrow tines of the rear row of tines.’
    • ‘Nigel Osborne's ‘The Black Leg Miner’ sent the woman on the left into paroxysms of distress, while the woman on the right merely knitted her brows into a kind of furrowy antimacassar.’
    • ‘I've got pipes like on me like a grand castrato, but as the furrowy browed parents have confirmed, my brother's got a mouth on him like a sailor, and not because he uses his teeth to tie knots in his laced-up tenny runners.’
    • ‘I wouldn't camp again though, the field was very flinty, stubbly and furrowy (Viv and Harry's camper van nearly got stuck!) not to mention floodlit by noisy generator powered lights.’
    • ‘There's that mythos - crosses, stake to the heart, furrowy foreheads - and then there's Martin.’