Definition of furca in English:



  • 1A forked appendage or projection in an arthropod, in particular.

    • ‘The presence of caudal furcae in the Chengjiang material is certainly an arthropodan character, but the ` fantail’ complex is a uniquely derived feature.’
    • ‘The species which live in caves or deep in the leaf litter and or the soil tend to be white, have a reduced furca and reduced or no eyes.’
    • ‘According to Dr. Lieberman, Anomalocaridids typically ‘tend to have long furcae projecting off the back end,’ as revealed in the original image of the specimen.’
    • ‘Tail of Lepidocaris showing a lateral process, the short primary furcae and the longer secondary furcae.’
    • ‘Both furcae and spines slowly elongate, curving back dorsally where they come in contact with the egg-shell.’
    1. 1.1An ingrowth of the thorax of many insects.
      • ‘These taxa have traditionally been included with Echinocaris in the subfamily Echinocaridinae based on overall carapace shape, their thin and rodlike furca, and their lack of a posteroventral spine.’
      • ‘The zocac were sorted according to different morphological features such as length of the telson, lateral carapace spines, midlateral spines on the abdomen, and the number of spines on each furca.’
    2. 1.2The furcula of a springtail.


Early 17th century: from Latin, literally fork.