Definition of furbish in English:



[WITH OBJECT]usually as adjective furbished
  • 1Give a fresh look to (something old or shabby); renovate.

    ‘the newly furbished church’
    • ‘A survey conducted by Beijing Children's Hospital found that 90 per cent of the children suffering from childhood leukemia in China were from houses which had been newly furbished.’
    • ‘We followed her through a series of large, lavishly furbished rooms that each put my entire house to shame.’
    • ‘Like most taverns of underdeveloped areas, this particular watering hole was poorly furbished and far from hygienic.’
    • ‘There was a full kitchen, bathroom with a private shower and two bedrooms, all of which were furbished expensively and expressively.’
    • ‘We cross the street and walk pass some bouncers and up some dark furbished stairs and into this mellow classy joint.’
    • ‘They were always richly decorated and well furbished, not the squalor and darkness you would expect.’
    • ‘The programme for the day is: The newly furbished school will be open from 4pm on Sunday for those wishing to have a look around.’
    • ‘Aldan had furbished the extremely large room in the basement, previously used for storage, for the three young girls.’
    • ‘On Saturday, we (and umpteen other gay men) met at Andy's newly furbished house around the corner from The Royal Oak for a joint house-warming and birthday party.’
    • ‘Rose bushes and all other kinds of hedges furbished the entire grounds, and though the house itself did not look as luxurious, even it was not what I had imagined.’
    • ‘We spent the coming summer cleaning out the attic and furbishing it for me, that is when I wasn't working at Bashas’ to help earn some savings.’
    • ‘But recently the problem was settled - a newly furbished vegetarian restaurant in the neighbourhood was so attractive to these office ladies that ‘for at least three of our five working days, we dine there,’ Yan said.’
    • ‘Salem, Massachusetts was the main home base of the church with this particular building as a commune dormitory that had been furbished to house about thirty five members, 20 males and 15 females.’
    • ‘Lin said that the model has exactly the same simply and tastefully furbished interior, and idyllic exterior.’
    • ‘The suit he wore - Armani, she'd bet her life on it - she had already noticed the moment she'd walked into his organized and plushly furbished office.’
    • ‘It was a apartment building the rooms were nicely furbished and clean.’
    • ‘Rita and Seth stepped into a jewelry store, carpeted in red and furbished with antique chairs and a sofa, which seemed to clash with the flat screen computer on the oak office desk.’
    • ‘It was plainly furbished, as the rest of the rooms would be.’
    • ‘Chris and Valery Yewdall were here over the weekend and we met up with them for a meal and a happy evening at the newly furbished Cricket Club Cafe.’
    • ‘It was furbished in beige and other soft tones that went well with the wood floors, since it was on the third floor the balcony had a nice view.’
    supply, furnish, provide, equip, kit out, rig out, fit, appoint
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    1. 1.1archaic Brighten up (a weapon) by polishing it.


Late Middle English: from Old French forbiss-, lengthened stem of forbir, of Germanic origin.