Definition of furbearer in US English:



  • An animal whose fur is valued commercially.

    • ‘State statutes also ensure the humane euthanasia of furbearers, since they are not food animals.’
    • ‘A person shall not take small game or furbearers by hunting except during the times specified in this section.’
    • ‘Goals of furbearer management combine to encourage a proper balance of all wildlife species.’
    • ‘The furbearers around this area are quite seriously hunted, trapped and senselessly killed.’
    • ‘He is talking about people in mid-20th century harvesting a substantial part of their sustenance and livelihood from fish, game and furbearers.’
    • ‘A person who has obtained the appropriate license and permit may transport green pelts of furbearers.’
    • ‘Many land companies began to lease sections of the marshes to individuals with exclusive rights to hunt, harvest alligators, and trap abundant muskrats and other furbearers.’
    • ‘The middle occupation yielded cod, beaver and sturgeon; as well, smaller amounts of deer, moose, seals, walrus, waterfowl, small furbearers, and swordfish were also identified.’
    • ‘There are eleven furbearer species that are currently managed and trapped in Newfoundland and Labrador.’
    • ‘Beavers are classified as furbearers in Nebraska.’
    • ‘Since muskrats are furbearers and are protected by wildlife laws, the recommended method of control is to trap them heavily during the legal trapping season.’
    • ‘Nothing in this regulation prevents the killing of furbearers actually found destroying livestock or poultry.’
    • ‘In an authoritative and factual manner this work examines all aspects of the biology and management of North American furbearers.’
    • ‘‘We thought these guys were spending too much time at the bars,’ said Ron Andrews, furbearer resource specialist.’
    • ‘Mississippi game laws designate which species are classified as furbearer and which as game animal.’
    • ‘To date, 32 traps and modifications have been field tested on nine species of furbearers nationwide.’
    • ‘Snaring also is popular for harvesting surplus furbearers, one of our renewable natural resources.’
    • ‘The trapping of furbearers also played a vital role in the colonization of North America by European settlers.’
    • ‘Coyote can be hunted at night during the period specified in the furbearers seasons and bag limits chart.’
    • ‘Fortunately, good sense intervened and I eventually got an education, but my fascination with furbearers, trappers and the trapping lifestyle has never waned.’