Definition of funny man in US English:

funny man


  • A professional comedian or clown.

    • ‘It helped seal Sandler's role as a genuine funny man.’
    • ‘Townsend would have been better off allowing these fabulously funny men a chance to really get the audience going, to turn their small samplings into his own original Original Kings of Comedy.’
    • ‘He persevered and made good in 1941 when, like so many other funny men, he became a resident comic at the famous Windmill Theatre in London.’
    • ‘The show is really well put together, and the unintentionally hilarious straight-man / funny man routine of Jaime and Adam is the icing on the cake.’
    • ‘Is it possible that Guest and the rest of his comic ensemble are trying to escape the trappings of their earlier work, to cast off the burden of being funny men and women once and for all?’
    • ‘Witness those professional funny men who seem to lead lives of dull or doped desperation.’
    • ‘‘I'm the straight man to his funny man,’ explains Cosgrove.’
    • ‘The team were very much a double act, but not one with a definite straight man or funny man.’
    • ‘I'm not sure how good I'm going to be on it because it's not quite my humour, it's not verbally based, it's very visual humour - they are rubber-legged funny men.’
    • ‘Not content with outliving his generation of funny men Eric Sykes, at 80, is now embarking on a new twist to his career: Shakespeare.’
    • ‘I think you will enjoy his anecdotes and retelling of some of the hilarious scenes he wrote for those two most loved of funny men.’
    • ‘For the next three hours the audience was taken through a whirlwind of humour courtesy of Mr Cooper and his gang of funny men.’
    • ‘We have one or two funny men on TV, but the majority are totally uncouth, filthy-mouthed comics, which isn't nice at all.’
    • ‘It's interesting how well supposed funny men John Leguizamo and Doug E. Doug fit into their roles as a depressed, lovelorn young man and his angry, militant welfare friend.’
    • ‘The group was comprised of five talented funny men, including David Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Scott Thompson, Kevin McDonald, and Mark McKinney.’
    • ‘As arguably one of the finest funny men from the Emerald Isle, Burke is a regular face on Irish television, as well as a compère in the comedy clubs of his native Dublin.’
    • ‘Ha ha, watch the funny man poke the actors with a fishing pole while they're trying to film!’
    • ‘The Musical is a recommended pre-success visit to a podunk mountain town filled with fledgling funny men in training.’
    • ‘Just watch out for funny men with briefcases smelling of pies.’
    • ‘Through my tears I ask the Saskatchewan funny men what it's like to be professional side-splitters in such a thinly populated place.’
    humorist, comedian, comedienne, comic, funny woman, wag, wit, jester
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funny man

/ˈfənē ˌman/