Definition of funkadelic in US English:



  • Denoting a type of dance music which combines soul and funk with elements derived from rock.

    • ‘With his funkadelic style and phat, chopped-up beats, it's easy to see why Krafty was voted Best International Artist (over Sasha and Digweed) in the 2002 round of the Australian Dance Music Awards.’
    • ‘‘I want a funkadelic burger with a groovy smoothie, my sister’ he replied’
    • ‘In the funkadelic era between the flower power '60s and the electronic '80s, there lived a renaissance man by the name of Glen Larson.’
    • ‘That's right, it's also the conceptual common denominator to this amusement-park ride through fast-forward, funkadelic foolishness.’
    • ‘The irony here of course is that the funkadelic Cali-flava'd beats aren't that hardcore.’
    • ‘In 1983, he released Pride, which contained the funkadelic You Are In My System, gaining him a bit of popularity.’
    • ‘Granted, nothing here is outright funkadelic, but there are too many break-beats and warped instrumental passages to pretend this is a traditional rock album.’
    • ‘Dude's clean-cut image is long gone now that he's rocking a powder blue headband and some funkadelic cornrows…’
    • ‘This funkadelic scoring machine totally lacks in offcourt arrogance and, instead of ‘knowing everything better’ like so many of his less-gifted peers, hangs on the coach's every word like it's manna from hoop-heaven.’
    • ‘I went to a rather funkadelic awareness-raising concert in Dakar.’
    • ‘The festival itself was perfectly pleasant: an earnest singer-songwriter and tightly harmonious acoustic guitar group preceding Saxman's funkadelic band.’


1970s: from Funkadelic, the name of a group formed in the late 1960s, from funk + psychedelic.