Definition of fungus beetle in US English:

fungus beetle


  • A small beetle that feeds on moulds and other fungi.

    Superfamily Cucujoidea, genera in several families, and familyMycetophagidae

    • ‘There are many species of fungus beetles, many of which have brilliant coloration.’
    • ‘However, populations of the hairy fungus beetle are kept under control if proper sanitation techniques are used and the grain moisture level is maintained at 13 to 15 percent.’
    • ‘A wide variety of fungi serves as hosts for the family as a whole, but each pleasing fungus beetle species seems to be specific to a certain group of fungi.’
    • ‘Oak wilt spreads through the root systems of near by trees and by fungus beetles that carry the oak wilt spores from tree to tree.’
    • ‘The presence of fungus beetles in grain indicates a moisture and heating problem.’
    • ‘This study explored how density of colonies affects the distribution of forked fungus beetles among brackets of different quality and size.’
    • ‘The trio began their work searching for samples of the hard-to-find fungus beetles which are rarely seen except by mushroom hunters.’
    • ‘The various fungus beetles are from 2-5 mm in length and are often seen weekly flying around the home.’
    • ‘The name fungus beetle is derived from the habits of these beetles; they are usually associated with fungi.’