Definition of fungivorous in US English:



  • Feeding on fungi or mushrooms.

    ‘a fungivorous arthropod such as a millipede’
    • ‘It possesses a central columella that is rich in lipids and is a choice food item for fungivorous mammals.’
    • ‘We are studying the ecology of two groups of obligately fungivorous insects, cecid flies, and ciid beetles.’
    • ‘The goal of this study was to manage the soil food web to enhance population levels of microbivorous and fungivorous nematodes in the spring so that their feeding would release N immobilized in the primary decomposer biomass.’
    • ‘The members of the tripunctata species group have diverse feeding habits; some are fungivorous and some are ground feeders associated with fallen flowers, small fruits, and decaying pulpy vegetation.’
    • ‘Finding sporocarps may be time consuming, which would contribute to the assumed high degree of polyphagy in fungivorous insects in general.’
    • ‘These compounds appear to play a role in defending sclerotia from attack by fungivorous insects.’
    • ‘The appearance of only a few predaceous snare building insects among the Mycetophilidae, of which about two thousand species are known to be mostly fungivorous, is in itself remarkable.’
    • ‘Hundreds of California species either feed directly upon the e decomposer fungi, or predate the fungivorous taxa.’