Definition of fungistatic in US English:



  • Inhibiting the growth of fungi.

    • ‘The quantity of fungistatic saturated fatty acids in sebum increases at puberty, and this is thought to explain the rarity of tinea capitis in adults.’
    • ‘These events may occur because the fungistatic regimens used for suppression fail to eradicate the organism completely or because of host factors that persistently favour an inability to tolerate the resident yeast.’
    • ‘Fungicides have fungicidal activity, that actually kills the fungus, or fungistatic activity, that slows the growth of the fungus to prevent extensive damage.’
    • ‘A shortcoming of many antifungals is that they are only fungistatic (not fungicidal) and that is one of the reasons why they have to be applied during a long period of time.’
    • ‘At most, a fungistatic effect lasting for no more than 4 days was obtained using short incubation periods.’
    • ‘They merely displayed a fungistatic effect under the same experimental conditions, whereas all the porphyrins displayed a true fungicidal effect.’
    • ‘The fungistatic compound was heat sensitive and lost activity after 72 hours.’