Definition of funeral pyre in US English:

funeral pyre


  • A pile of wood on which a corpse is burned as part of a funeral ceremony in some traditions.

    • ‘And on the seventh day it came to pass that the lorry was finally dispatched to empty its now stinking load onto a funeral pyre to be burned.’
    • ‘His funeral pyre caught fire of its own accord, and Gautama Buddha entered Nirvna.’
    • ‘The wooden coffin carrying the dead body was also consigned to flames on the funeral pyre by his family members who thought that the box had become a part of the mortal remains of Late Suraj.’
    • ‘This monument is a funeral pyre on which the king burns all his possessions, his slave and himself.’
    • ‘The guides stacked the corpses, wrapped them in plastic, then piled ice on top to keep them cool until a funeral pyre could be assembled from wood they had carried to base camp.’
    • ‘Her elegance belies the bitterness and revenge at her heart - a rather stylish and svelte old dear, for whom the funeral pyre seems a slightly unfair fate.’
    • ‘As the funeral pyre smoldered, nearly burnt out, the first flakes of snow rained down, falling over the bones like frozen tears over a flaming grave.’
    • ‘But the pressure still continues on such mothers to somehow produce a male child who can inherit the family lands and also light the funeral pyre of the father, since Hindu custom demands that this rite be performed by a male successor.’
    • ‘Hnaf's and his son's bodies were placed on the funeral pyre to burn away the memory of hatred and war.’
    • ‘With a sob, he began dragging the corpse to the soon-to-be funeral pyre.’
    • ‘Cloth also serves as an intermediary with the supernatural world in rituals like cremations when hundreds of meters are set ablaze on a funeral pyre as it accompanies the soul of the dead to the other world.’
    • ‘The death of the hero brings an apocalyptic reckoning: as Brunnhilde, in a heroic act of self-sacrifice, mounts Siegfried's horse to the funeral pyre.’
    • ‘The lieutenant had sputtered indignantly that they at least be allowed to build a funeral pyre out of wood for them to be burned on top of, but Orion would not give.’
    • ‘‘Is it a person covered in a blanket seeking warmth from a fire, or is it the funeral pyre waiting patiently to receive a dead body,’ asks the artist rhetorically in a footnote.’
    • ‘The traditional fate of Indian widows was to be burned alive on the funeral pyre of their husbands.’
    • ‘As tokens of respect for the deceased, these are thrown on the funeral pyre, which consists of piles of wood under an ornate paste pagoda.’
    • ‘When Tempsky died in 1868, at the age of 40, his body was burnt by his enemies on a funeral pyre but neither his name nor his art died with him.’
    • ‘The embers of the funeral pyre pulsed like a heartbeat as the sun rose over the desert sands.’
    • ‘The funeral pyre threw sparks into the air as wood settled.’
    • ‘If we do that and build a funeral pyre - maybe something will rise from the ashes - a phoenix - a new life for both of us.’


funeral pyre

/ˈfyo͞on(ə)rəl ˈpī(ə)r/