Definition of fundraising in US English:



  • The seeking of financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise.

    ‘a new development director in charge of fundraising’
    • ‘Their personnel knew about budgeting, fundraising, production, licensing laws.’
    • ‘She sent him some footage to critique, thinking it might be useful for fundraising.’
    • ‘With the museum budget already allocated, this project could be realized only through hardcore fundraising.’
    • ‘Nothing is more important to successful fundraising than building long-term relationships.’
    • ‘He is running into financial difficulties, despite having led the field in fundraising.’
    • ‘His campaign has a significant lead in fundraising, having harnessed the power of the Internet to glean around $40 million in donations.’
    • ‘Their initiative was followed, once again, by a spell of energetic fundraising.’
    • ‘One of the criteria used to rate charities is the percentage of income spent on administration and fundraising.’
    • ‘Many dealers are tying sales efforts to fundraising.’
    • ‘The fundraising was an enormous drain on management time, and the company had to turn business away while it sorted out its financing.’


  • attributive Seeking to generate financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise.

    ‘a fundraising campaign’
    ‘a charity fundraising event’
    • ‘The campaign is a fundraising initiative for the proposed expansion of the Student Center.’
    • ‘After a year of fundraising burlesque shows and bake sales, they purchased their basement suite in downtown Vancouver.’
    • ‘They are holding a fundraising benefit night at the stadium on Saturday.’
    • ‘We are planning to launch a national fundraising drive that would involve every student donating one dollar to the fund.’
    • ‘The 75-year-old is looking to buy a motorized wheelchair after a fundraising evening amassed more than $4,000.’
    • ‘Thanks to all those who helped support the team in their fundraising efforts by buying tickets to our Pub Nights.’
    • ‘Tickets are available from any member of the fundraising committee.’
    • ‘For more information on how to get involved, or how the fundraising process works, visit our website.’
    • ‘Information on the site includes articles on such nonprofit issues as technology planning, fundraising software, and grant writing.’
    • ‘The costs of using traditional fundraising channels are significant.’