Definition of funding in English:



  • 1Money provided, especially by an organization or government, for a particular purpose.

    • ‘It also reveals a preference for debt over equity as a means of providing external funding.’
    • ‘The group has also secured funding to provide a major new project for artists.’
    • ‘One thing we would ask is for funding to be provided to maintain the new facilities to the required standard.’
    • ‘Assistance with funding was also provided by English Nature and a local quarrying company.’
    • ‘Other substantial amounts of funding were provided for welfare and educational projects.’
    • ‘It has sound financial management and funding is allocated according to its priorities.’
    • ‘Reluctant as always to spend money, the Queen had never provided proper funding for his work.’
    • ‘Lottery funding has provided a lifeline to the only theatre in Trowbridge.’
    • ‘Being told they simply had to spend money on capital funding, for example, forced them to catch up on that.’
    • ‘The solution has to be to provide more funding in order to be able to meet the high demand.’
    • ‘The funding will provide a range of services that will assist in the matching of businesses and investors.’
    • ‘She said the authorities were not providing the extra funding needed to help meet the costs.’
    • ‘The money will also be used to provide funding for an ethnic minority liaison officer to work in the community.’
    • ‘But if the government wanted the idea to succeed it would have to provide some initial funding.’
    • ‘She also said there was no capital investment funding in place at present to build a new visitor centre.’
    • ‘The best way to tackle this is to provide additional funding for the police to recruit extra officers.’
    • ‘Martin, who is the best man to ever walk the earth, can't get lottery funding for love nor money.’
    • ‘He called on the international community to help provide resources and funding.’
    • ‘The purpose of tax funding is to allow a variety of views to be aired.’
    • ‘The report urges the Government to provide specific funding for powered wheelchairs.’
    grant, allowance, endowment, contribution, donation, bursary, gift, present, investment, bestowal, benefaction, allocation, allotment, handout
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    1. 1.1The action or practice of providing money for a particular purpose.
      • ‘There is an assumption that the issue hinges on access and funding, with quality lagging far behind.’
      • ‘He is due to publish it tomorrow at a Glasgow conference on the private funding of public services.’
      • ‘This funding has improved the quality of life of people in the county and been good for business.’
      • ‘Strenuous efforts were made to secure public funding and overcome the obstacles presented.’
      • ‘Ireland needs to keep the accelerator down on funding for research and development.’
      • ‘Journalists say one thing, scientists want funding and politicians want bandwagons.’
      • ‘In the United States a coalition of groups of patients has argued for public funding for such research.’
      • ‘The two hour walk is held in memory of the youngster and to raise awareness of the disease and funding for research.’
      • ‘That is why Oxfam is campaigning to scrap the voucher system and replace it with more humane funding.’
      • ‘Corporate funding was pumped into new buildings that sprouted up on the Belfield campus.’
      • ‘Later, Chinese funding of malaria research at the institute gave a further push.’
      • ‘The answer lies in cheaper film crews, extra funding for productions and a lower cost of living.’
      • ‘However, we still rely entirely on the generosity of the public for funding.’
      • ‘Without value, it becomes highly likely that government funding for research would slow as well.’
      • ‘Proper funding to humanities departments in universities would also be a big help.’
      • ‘This is the primary reason for the dearth of funding for ageing research, but Dr. de Grey is fighting back.’
      • ‘The new funding from the two bodies means phase two can now get under way.’
      • ‘Yet rumors persist that something is up within the department in regards to funding.’
      • ‘Moreover, some types of research funding do not result in any benefit to a school.’
      • ‘What's the point in funding scientists if your not going to listen to them?’