Definition of funder in US English:



  • A person or organization that provides money for a particular purpose.

    ‘the largest charitable funder of cancer research’
    ‘the money was coming from a private funder’
    • ‘We are seeking investors, advertisers, funders for our long list of investigative projects just waiting for resources.’
    • ‘Historically, most funders pressure affordable housing developers for a rapid increase in number of units.’
    • ‘The software company is thought to have been in discussions with potential funders for a number of months.’
    • ‘Current rules don't require such organizations to disclose names of their actual funders.’
    • ‘The shift to corporate sources coincides with the rise of the blockbuster exhibition, where funders expect a lot of bang for their bucks.’
    • ‘There is both a real and perceived conflict of interest present when the funders will profit financially from the success of this campaign.’
    • ‘Corporate funders, for example, tend to be more risk-averse, avoiding early-stage companies in favor of second-round deals.’
    • ‘Ticket buyers aren't buying, donors are waiting, funders are thinning out, endowments are earning less.’
    • ‘She says her department had not had any talks with the other major funder of the refuge, which contributed $130,000 a year.’
    • ‘It is understandable why venture capitalists are aggressive funders of high-tech businesses.’