Definition of fundamentality in US English:



  • See fundamental

    • ‘This is exactly where the fundamentality of symmetry fails and is limited by our practical calculation.’
    • ‘For a court intent on denying the fundamentality of a claimed right, it is always possible to read the prior cases narrowly - and to define the newly claimed right so narrowly that it looks ridiculous.’
    • ‘Joan of Arc, I believe, was a revolutionary leader whose tragic end is a further affirmation of the fundamentality of the causes she championed.’
    • ‘Lawyers will recognize this as related to present-day incorporation through the due process clause, but this differs in requiring no showing of fundamentality.’
    • ‘True, science had made enormous advancements: by way of understanding the fundamentalities of nature we now were able to control and manipulate these laws and an enormous progress in technology was the result.’