Definition of fundamental frequency in US English:

fundamental frequency


  • The lowest frequency which is produced by the oscillation of the whole of an object, as distinct from the harmonics of higher frequency.

    • ‘A typical syllable of song type ‘A’ has a well-pronounced fundamental frequency and several harmonics.’
    • ‘It was gratifying to see that the lowest fundamental frequency (resonant frequency) predicted by their model was in good agreement with our observed 3 Hz tail beat frequency preferred by tadpoles of the same size and species.’
    • ‘Those harmonics allow for better contrast to tissue, which scatters sound at mainly the fundamental frequency.’
    • ‘In the premonsoon season, dominant frequencies, fundamental frequencies, maximum frequencies, and syllable lengths differed between colonies.’
    • ‘Pitch refers to the fundamental frequency of the sound wave produced.’
    • ‘One important contribution of synchrony coding is that it enables a listener to extract voice properties such as the fundamental frequency and harmonic structure.’