Definition of fumet in English:


Pronunciation /fyo͞oˈmā//ˈfyo͞omət/


  • A concentrated stock, especially of game or fish, used as flavoring.

    • ‘A good beef stock is made with meat bones, a good fish fumet (concentrated stock) needs fish bones.’
    • ‘Stir in the shallots and garlic, and add the fumet.’
    • ‘If you have more than 3 cups of fumet, place the liquid in a clean saucepan and boil until reduced to 3 cups.’
    • ‘Producing and processing fruit fumet and concentrated fruit juice is a description of the project.’
    • ‘There is an incredible fish stock, also called fumet, that is perfect for all your recipes that require a classic fish stock.’
    • ‘Because of the emulsifying properties of lecithin, very thin sauces, such as a fish fumet can be used.’
    • ‘The goose preserves are poached in melted fat and the bases of stocks and fumets are made in accordance with a precise scale and according to western norms.’
    • ‘Strain and add infused liquid to the fumet.’
    • ‘Combine the reduced fumet, wine, pastis, and mussel liquid if using, in small heavy saucepan.’
    • ‘The company will export several tons of fumet of prickly pears to Taiwan.’
    • ‘She still treasures homemade food - fonds and fumets - and the long, delicate preparation of cuisine cuisinee.’
    • ‘Once the major flavor ingredients have undergone any preliminary steps such as blanching, sweating, or browning, all stocks, essences, fumets, and court bouillons are prepared the same way.’
    • ‘Describe the characteristics and quality indicators for brown stock, white stock, fumets, essences, and court bouillon’
    • ‘If the fumet is being made in advance, let it cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate it until needed.’
    • ‘Add enough seafood fumet until rice is covered by about 3/4 of an inch of liquid, and stir until liquid deglazes the bits from the bottom of the pan.’
    • ‘Turn fillets over, add mint leaves, fish fumet and butter.’
    • ‘On our menu: two starters of trio des fumets ‘Sylvestre’ and duck terrine with onion marmalade.’
    • ‘Put the salmon into the fish kettle, cover it with the court bouillon or fumet and bring to the boil.’
    • ‘Fish and vegetable broths are more commonly called fumets, but meat may also be used.’
    • ‘We are looking for manufacturer who can provide a high quality red wine fumet.’


Early 18th century (in the senses smell of game and game flavor): from French, from fumer to smoke The current sense dates from the early 20th century.