Definition of fumbler in US English:



  • See fumble

    • ‘This comedy of manners evokes a matriarchal world where the men are often fumblers, their dignity taken from them in a biased culture, or thugs who try to take what they want by force.’
    • ‘We are both precious and prideful; gifted and guilty; saint and sinner; follower and fumbler; valuable and vicious; disciple and dope; loved and lost.’
    • ‘The supporting cast of fumblers shares responsibility for skirting reality, if not denying it.’
    • ‘Pantaloons and tunics, courtesans and eunuchs, funerals and chases, baritones and basses, panderers, philanderers, cupidity, timidity, mistakes, fakes, rhymes, mimes, tumblers, grumblers, fumblers, bumblers and that's just the opening number!’
    • ‘Well, the translator of this 1672 edition disagrees with most other fumblers who have attempted to bring meaning to this series of hoaxes.’
    • ‘True, some of it is pretty bad, but even the fumblers among us don't deserve that adjective…’
    • ‘You failed so dramatically, right from the very beginning, that I knew you were a fumbler.’
    • ‘Bring on your mendacious public relations men, your scheming politicians, your grasping fumblers in greasy tills!’