Definition of fulvous in US English:



  • Reddish yellow; tawny.

    • ‘‘Maybe I cannot… ‘thoughtfully she stared at fulvous fallen faded leaves on the marble quay of deserted Heliopolis, ‘but what shall we expect now?’’
    • ‘An example in the Canterbury Museum, so immature that the tail-feathers are only two inches long, has more fulvous in the plumage and no indication whatever of a superciliary streak.’
    • ‘His pants are a pale fulvous color and made of the sort of polyester material that never wrinkles.’
    • ‘As warm spring temperatures return to the breeding grounds so do the fulvous whistling ducks.’
    • ‘Small carnivores, hawks, owls and snakes are the principal predators of the fulvous harvest mouse.’
    • ‘In flight fulvous shows a strong contrast between blackish underwings and tawny body, and a white rump band.’
    • ‘The fulvous whistling-duck's name comes from the hoarse whistling sound it makes and from its coloring.’
    • ‘The maximum age of a fulvous whistling-duck recorded in nature is 6 years and 6 months.’
    • ‘It was a minute anatomical and generally descriptive account of the large fulvous Ourang-Outang of the East Indian Islands.’


Mid 17th century: from Latin fulvus + -ous.