Definition of fuller's earth in US English:

fuller's earth


  • A type of clay used in fulling cloth and as an adsorbent.

    • ‘Fuller's earth deposits are widespread, but the fuller's earth near Bath, which gave rise to the term in the late eighteenth century, is no longer exploited.’
    • ‘Best for oily skin types (Clay or fuller's earth mud is available in powder form at any health food store.)’
    • ‘Deposits of fuller's earth are located in England, Japan and the USA.’
    • ‘A natural powdered clay is fuller's earth, which can be mixed into a paste with hot water.’
    • ‘The inert material can be talc, whiting or fuller's earth available from your local hardware store while the solvent will vary based on the type of stain.’
    • ‘If oil or grease is spilled on porch or patio cement, apply an absorbent powder such as fuller's earth, cornmeal, or sawdust to absorb as much oil as possible immediately.’


fuller's earth

/ˈfʊlərz ˈˌərθ/