Definition of fullback in US English:



  • 1American Football
    An offensive player in the backfield.

    • ‘Along with using the tight end more, the Browns want to put the fullback into their offense.’
    • ‘The 26-year-old right fullback has rejected the offer of a new contract at Lille and has been linked with Bordeaux and St Etienne, yet he also claims the Trotters are also interested.’
    • ‘He's a reserve fullback and running back, good receiver out of the backfield and fearless on special teams.’
    • ‘In the West Coast offense, the fullback is used primarily as a check-down receiver and catches 40-60 passes a year.’
    • ‘Hambrick's role on this team is as a backup running back, fullback and special teams player, and it's a role he's willing to accept.’
    • ‘A fullback or tight end is normally in the backfield to help protect Bulger.’
    • ‘The Bucs' best strategy would be to make Alstott the primary running back and put rookie fullback lamed Cook in the backfield with him.’
    • ‘He could wind up as the top backup at halfback and fullback if healthy.’
    • ‘RB Jerome Bettis prefers having a fullback in the backfield, which is why Krieder's performance is so critical.’
    • ‘He was the fullback's fullback, the best blocker you ever saw.’
    • ‘Dogged by injuries, an ineffective offensive line, and the lack of a fullback, George had by far the worst season of an otherwise stellar career.’
    • ‘The team lost some flexibility at tight end with the departure of Conwell, who could play on the line, in the backfield as a fullback or go in motion.’
    • ‘Though Marc Edwards is a serviceable player, the team is looking for a more dynamic fullback.’
    • ‘Holcombe is a durable, versatile player who played fullback and running back for the Rams.’
    • ‘Ideally, Baltimore also would like to add depth on the offensive line, and a backup fullback wouldn't hurt.’
    • ‘The team thinks using a fullback makes the offense predictable.’
    • ‘They lead the NFL in yards per carry behind a strong offensive line and a terrific fullback in Fred Reasley.’
    • ‘Though he could be an imposing force on the defensive line, he was downright scary rumbling out of the backfield as a fullback, plowing a path for teammate Walter Payton.’
    • ‘They further telegraphed that when a fullback or H-back was in the backfield with Smith.’
    • ‘He is lining up in the backfield as a blocking fullback, giving the Bears more receiving capability out of a power lineup.’
  • 2(in a game such as soccer or field hockey) a player in a defensive position at the side of the field.

    • ‘With a sleek line they were still able to score a single try and four penalties coming from fullback Tisel Jayawardena's toe.’
    • ‘The fullback kicked six penalties, but missed four shots at goal as well as missing touch regularly and with ball in hand he never looked anything like the player of the past.’
    • ‘Defense is all the team, it's not just midfielders, fullbacks and the goalkeeper.’
    • ‘A replacement will however have to be found for fullback Ryan Horrman, on provincial duty, and wing Kevin Mattheus, who has an ankle injury.’
    • ‘The team plays a 4-4-2 system and the team strategy is to encourage and create space to allow the fullbacks to get forward.’
    • ‘This new kicking repertoire has seen fullbacks covering lots of ground in short amounts of time.’
    • ‘New signing Stuart Calvers made an impressive start and veteran fullback Martin Potts popped over his customary drop goal.’
    • ‘Then, in an excellent defensive move, Blues fullback Adam Slade stopped another fast break from Baxter with a determined last-minute tackle.’
    • ‘The fullbacks and wingers simply double up on Arsenal's two wingers, leaving the Central defenders one task, marking the two strikers.’
    • ‘Silsden retained a their 4-4 - 2 system which allowed fullbacks, Adam Reed and Michael Rhodes to attack down the wings.’
    • ‘Tight defending by fullbacks kept the tenacious Battyeford side at bay.’
    • ‘Again Rankin failed with the easy conversion and Jed at last found some glimmer of hope when fullback Kevin Amos struck a fine penalty goal from 35 metres.’
    • ‘Arnside gave away a penalty, but they gained a draw thanks to an own goal by Galgate fullback Kevin Voyle.’
    • ‘One of the league's best blocking fullbacks and an improving runner, Christian missed the final two games in 1998 and all of the playoffs after tearing the ACL and MCL in the same knee.’
    • ‘Orrell were without first choice fullbacks who were sent home before kick off after suffering a stomach ailment in the dressing room.’
    • ‘I've had the opportunity to see him in the flesh twice and his pace down the left (although stunted a little by injury a few years back) still has the knack of roasting opposing fullbacks.’
    • ‘For Brumbies, tries went to centre Gordon Ephriam and wing Wayne Pharo with fullback Rodney McDonald slotting three penalties.’
    • ‘Tamatea High School halfback Sami Lauano cleared the ball well and had a high defensive workrate while fullback Kris Alexander was another to shine in the winning backline.’
    • ‘I still have to decide who the other fullbacks will be.’
    • ‘Chelsea's preseason has already demonstrated an interesting fluid style of play, utilizing the fullbacks as an attacking quantity, very similar to Bielsa's highly successful Argentinean side in the recent Copa’
    full back, back, sweeper
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