Definition of full face in English:

full face


  • With all the face visible; facing directly at someone or something.

    ‘she looked full face at the mirror’
    • ‘Christmas now seems to me to be the designated place where acquisitiveness runs full face into the problem of morality in childrearing.’
    • ‘We chatted for a few minutes, but as we left the building, he turned to me full face and asked, ‘Professor Zuboff, who is Martin Buber and what is Auschwitz?’’
    • ‘Turning full face to him, she placed her free hand on hip, and though Yllek couldn't see it, he knew instinctively her foot was tapping the floor.’
    • ‘Enno still remembers the swooping motion Metal made, making a full face swing to give Enno one of his reserved whacks.’
    • ‘Sometimes what we all need to do most is look at ourselves full-face in the mirror.’
    • ‘But seen full face, as he is officially presented, he's a no-nonsense, what-you-see-is-what-you-get straight shooter.’
    • ‘Christopher paled and then flushed full-face, glaring down at the circled article.’
    • ‘It is said by some (notably Julian Franklyn) to have an heraldic origin, being derived from caboshed which is the heraldic description of the emblem of an animal which is shown full-face, but cut off close to the ears so that no neck shows.’


  • 1Showing all of the face.

    ‘a full-face mug shot’
    • ‘Jeb Bush signed legislation requiring a picture of a driver's full face on a license.’
    • ‘Weaver also sought the repeal of the exemption for the requirement of a full-face photo in the case of religious reasons.’
    • ‘And, as Dr Ubhi's full-face photographic records attest, clients look happier, healthier and younger.’
    • ‘More full-face photos on 21 March, this time of First Marine Division combat troops poised to go into battle, six men and six women.’
    • ‘I start back toward my post in the denser forest, showing my full face to the towhees as I grin widely in the discovery of the woodpeckers' productivity.’
    • ‘Observation in a medium or high care unit as long as the packs are in place is advisable, and in the case of severe obstructive sleep apnoea full face continuous positive airway pressure is needed to prevent dangerous apnoeas.’
    • ‘The chip will contain a compressed full-face image for use as a biometric.’
    • ‘His patented, full-face grin was constant, his torso robust, his swing as quick as ever.’
    • ‘The only works on display were full-face portraits of Adolf Hitler, sporting a swastika armband.’
    • ‘He was well aware of portraiture's inherent potential for client dissatisfaction, however; so he cannily pushed profiles versus full-face views.’
    • ‘Students had learned in fifth grade how to draw figures in a full-face and profile view using proportions based on the size of a head.’
    • ‘A slight smile crept across Merlin's features, and Armando felt worse than ever when he saw the smile transform into a full-face grin.’
    • ‘He escaped but not before she used her camera phone to get a full face photo of the culprit.’
    • ‘I saw Mr. Graham for more than a minute and a half, at different positions, different sides of his face, full face.’
    • ‘I had a full face picture of Fr. Foy obtained from Ballina's Brendan Doherty, a copy similar to what Brendan had received from the late Dr. McDonnell, Bishop of Killala.’
    • ‘Carol looked over the list of reasons again, then turned the sheet over to study the full face portrait.’
    • ‘The game is shown at a normal pace as well as speeded up and in slow motion, and the camera angle occasionally shifts from a side view to full-face close-ups or to a distant, overhead vantage point.’
    • ‘Trying to get a clear, full face, non-screaming, eyes open photo out of a 3 week old is asking for trouble and is hardly going to be a good likeness five years down the line…’
  • 2Covering all of the face.

    ‘a full-face motorcycle helmet’
    • ‘A full face balaclava is also required as well as sunglasses.’
    • ‘Gangs can now be arrested for wearing full face masks’
    • ‘My heart rate increases as I tighten up the straps of my body amour and slip into my full face helmet.’
    • ‘At high speeds, it is better to use full face helmets that protect your entire head.’
    • ‘Spray painters now commonly use full-face masks or helmet respirators, which offer better protection than dual-cartridge masks.’
    • ‘The grass is strewn with armour and weaponry - full-face helmets, wooden swords, shields, metallic kneecaps, body sheathing.’
    • ‘He had a one piece motorcycle outfit in dayglo orange, a full face crash helmet and big boots.’
    • ‘The operator and any passenger must wear a protective helmet, impact-resistant goggles, or a full-face shield on their helmet.’
    • ‘In hockey, a helmet with a full-face cage, made of either wire or polycarbonate, and sports goggles are needed.’
    • ‘No identification or significant markings were observed by the witnesses as both attackers were wearing full-face motorcycle helmets.’
    • ‘They wear full face visors and are sometimes accompanied by another fire unit for protection in the black spots.’
    • ‘For the first time he was supplied with a comprehensive kit of protective clothing which included overalls, goggles and face mask (later changed to a full face visor) and substantial gauntlet type gloves.’
    • ‘The British Government has now given schools the power to ban Muslim students from wearing a full-face veil.’
    • ‘Not one of these injuries was suffered by a player wearing a CSA certified full-face protector.’
    • ‘The four men were on unregistered motorcycles and each was wearing full-face helmets, hiding their identity.’
    • ‘Hearing raised voices in London is nothing untoward but when you're wearing a full face helmet, hearing anything is nothing short of a miracle.’
    • ‘Speaking through full-face gas masks, the team relayed a message via another mid-point team to the command centre above ground, saying they had heard some moaning, the 12 had been found and that they now were checking for vital signs.’
    • ‘Always wear approved safety gear - helmets, goggles or full-face shield, long sleeves, long trousers, gloves, and sturdy footwear.’
    • ‘Some advise wearing a motorcycle crash helmet with full-face visor, others say ski goggles work fine.’


full face

/ˈˌfʊl ˈfeɪs//ˈˌfo͝ol ˈfās/