Definition of full color in US English:

full color


  • The full range of colors.

    ‘lively illustrations in full color’
    • ‘Then in New York, this miracle burst onto the audience, this huge wide panoramic picture in full color and perfect focus from nine inches to infinity and seven channels of sound.’
    • ‘Like all of our full color plastic products, plastic key tags and mailers can be priced and ordered right online,’ continued Mr. Joseph.’
    • ‘OLEDs have been demonstrated in full color monitors up to 17-inch diagonal by various firms, but these displays require further development before commercialization.’
    • ‘We ran hundreds of TV commercials on regional cable networks because they offer very reasonable prices, give tremendous coverage, and on television you see the art in full color.’
    • ‘The book is organized into 46 chapters, complemented by top-quality illustrations, more than 2000 of which are in full color.’
    • ‘This book is printed in full color on high quality paper with lots of figures and examples of the Photoshop interfaces with menus and picture examples to go along with each chapter.’
    • ‘The pages are slick and in full color, even for black and white strips, bringing out a texture and clarity of line you never get with standard reproductions.’
    • ‘Let us provide you with the best quality full color postcards to awe your clients and even the competition.’
    • ‘‘Lost Treasures’ is a gem for collectors - Walt Disney's 1963 television introductions to Pollyanna in full color.’
    • ‘I just received in the U.S. mail an unsolicited advertising brochure on stiff glossy card in full color, with text that opens in the following way.’
    • ‘The results were displayed in full color for us all to see on April 28, 2004.’
    • ‘Printed in full color, it gives some of the medium's edgiest artists the opportunity to break out of the muddy world of Kinko's photocopies and indulge themselves.’
    • ‘Other administration tools, such as DTS (Data Transfer Services), are being presented as well with true moving monitor images in full color.’
    • ‘They are shown in full color, often from multiple vantages and accompanied by an impressive array of archival photographs of Lega men and women in performance.’
    • ‘There are no kinescoped copies of the shows in this volume; all the episodes are in full color, with only the occasional trouble spot revealed by the age of the source material.’
    • ‘I found a printer that does our newsletter in full color for about 47 cents each with as many photos as we want.’
    • ‘Beautiful paintings in full color adorned the walls.’
    • ‘Some wholesale full color printing sources use printing press specifications to get the most out of their products.’
    • ‘The book is replete with 955 photo-and electron micrographs, drawings, diagrams, and field photos, many in full color.’
    • ‘It's in full color so check it out if ya get a chance and tell me if you like it.’


full color

/fʊl ˈkələr/