Definition of full-service broker in US English:

full-service broker


  • A stockbroker or brokerage firm that provides investment advice and related services to clients in addition to facilitating transactions.

    ‘Betty uses a full-service broker to assist her with her portfolio selections’
    Compare with discount broker
    • ‘This is not a cut-and-dried asset allocation model like you might get from a full-service broker.’
    • ‘At Merrill Lynch, the nation's largest full-service broker, commissions have fallen 13.9% the past 12 months, to $1.1 billion the first quarter.’
    • ‘Many people, myself included, still want full-service brokers.’
    • ‘Most investment advisors (or full-service brokers) work for major firms - the Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynches of the world.’
    • ‘Full-service brokers earn commissions for each trade made in a customer's account.’
    • ‘You'll have the easiest time if you have a big portfolio and use a full-service broker.’
    • ‘They want some professional advice but not the extensive hand-holding that comes with a financial planner or full-service broker.’
    • ‘Got a fat account with a full-service broker?’
    • ‘A study by Chicago consultant Spectrem Group shows rich investors moving away from full-service brokers.’
    • ‘A full-service broker solicits business and is paid mostly by commissions.’