Definition of full-hearted in US English:



  • With great enthusiasm and commitment; full of sincere feeling.

    ‘full-hearted consent of the electorate’
    • ‘I think drag hunting and hunting with bloodhounds requires a full-hearted consent because we are not offering the farmer anything in return; and I think it is much more difficult to persuade farmers.’
    • ‘His exuberance appears to the speaker to be a choice, and not for mere survival in the ‘growing gloom’, but for ardent and full-hearted participation.’
    • ‘Rather than being a time for full-hearted celebration, it was a time for deeply mixed feelings.’
    • ‘She gently tilted her head and smiled a full-hearted smile in admiration of him.’
    • ‘Provided the will exists - I believe that it does - there must be at least a reasonable prospect of the United States being a full-hearted participant in a final deal.’
    • ‘Playing at home in appalling weather conditions with wind, rain and hail stones beating down upon them the girls gave a full-hearted team performance.’
    • ‘And the way to know it is to live it, with a heightened awareness and with a full-hearted intention.’
    • ‘Those not prepared to make full-hearted efforts will only waste their time and, worse still, cause a disturbance to those others who wish to work seriously.’
    • ‘Perhaps the only way fully to accept the draw towards violence lies somewhere in the turn to transcendence, through the full-hearted love of some good beyond life’
    • ‘The Czech Republic has moved in just over a decade from communism to a full-hearted embrace of the market.’
    • ‘He was not a great ‘joiner’ of societies or movements; but to those he did adhere to he gave full-hearted support, by writing and lecturing, and in committee work.’
    • ‘However, our full-hearted engagement and vigorous effort over a long period of time, together with the blessings of the lineage, have somehow led to this success.’
    • ‘To answer ‘yes’ to these with full-hearted certainty strikes me as arrogant beyond belief.’
    • ‘If there is proper and full-hearted commitment to the police and the rule of law then there is full-hearted acceptance to power sharing and equality.’
    • ‘It is ironic that you mention that ‘the protection of wildlife needs the full-hearted support of the whole community’.’
    • ‘‘We sincerely wish to host the tournament again as well as other top-level tennis events in the coming years,’ said Mayor Chen Liangyu at the closing ceremony, winning full-hearted applause from the stands.’
    • ‘Marxists cannot but give full-hearted supported to the measures announced by Chavez.’
    • ‘In almost every big city in the developed world, the bicentenary will be celebrated, sometimes with full-hearted pleasure and at other times with a certain sneaky embarrassment.’
    • ‘To some extent these may be regarded as technical problems caused by diversity of national tradition which are likely to be difficult even with the full-hearted co-operation of all those involved.’
    • ‘We hope you will give us your full-hearted and generous support by taking part in the tournament and contributing to a good cause.’
    sincere, genuine, real, true, honest, authentic, unaffected, unpretended, unforced, uncontrived, artless, candid, frank, bona fide, earnest, heartfelt, wholehearted, deep, from the heart
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