Definition of full-grown in US English:



  • Having reached maturity.

    • ‘A howl split through the air, and all the full-grown monstrous adult wolves came bounding out, snarling as they went.’
    • ‘A pupa of the moth is discovered in a murder victim's throat, and the film posters featured a full-grown specimen superimposed on Foster's face.’
    • ‘Hikers in the Los Angeles forest which surrounds the city were alarmed over the last few weeks by reports of a full-grown tiger roaming their trails.’
    • ‘According to other official sources, plans are also on the cards to axe three to four full-grown trees to pave the way for the new structure.’
    • ‘Somehow I don't think the gaps in the patio are big enough to support full-grown onions.’
    • ‘There were performers who could lift a full-grown goat by biting it on the neck.’
    • ‘But unless we can stop them, the full-grown dogs of war are not far behind.’
    • ‘When you're not feeling ill, you will have the appetite of three full-grown Belgian quarter horses.’
    • ‘In response she is reminded of the seeds she found and how she helped them mature into full-grown trees.’
    • ‘Each of these bungalows has at least 50 full-grown trees.’
    • ‘The forward march of the publication saw it become a fully-fledged, full-grown newspaper in March of 2002.’
    • ‘I was astonished: the room was filled with rows and rows of black pots sprouting with full-grown plants and a web of tiny black feeding-tubes.’
    • ‘Those in charge of the experiment are quick to point out that this means full-grown watermelons will fit on refrigerator shelves and occupy less space during exportation.’
    • ‘A fish preyed upon by so many other wild creatures for food from its first days of life, to when it becomes a full-grown fish.’
    • ‘But these days many do not hesitate to chop down even the full-grown trees in their compound because none can spare the time to sweep and clear the yard everyday!’
    • ‘Even broccoli sprouts are said to be as beneficial as full-grown broccoli.’
    • ‘It is utterly amazing how such a little bundle of flesh and bones can exert so much control over the lives of full-grown adults.’
    • ‘How can a full-grown adult afford to live on less than $20,000 a year?’
    • ‘The discovery of that full-grown tiger in a Harlem apartment has made a lot of people take notice of the trade in exotic pets.’
    • ‘He was a bit special then, a little cub with the predatory instincts of a full-grown hunting lion.’
    adult, mature, grown-up, of age, having reached one's majority
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/ˈfo͝ol ˈˌɡrōn//ˈfʊl ˈˌɡroʊn/