Definition of full-figured in US English:



  • (of a woman) having a plump or curvaceous body.

    ‘full-figured teens struggle to find stylish prom gowns’
    ‘she was just over five feet tall and full-figured’
    • ‘Dressing well should not have to be an expensive endeavor for the full-figured woman.’
    • ‘With light brown eyes, long silky hair, and an athletic but full-figured body it was never difficult for her to get a date, although she didn't date often.’
    • ‘I don't design for full-figured women; my designs urge women to lose weight.’
    • ‘And while they are slowly addressing the full-figured market, it's not fast enough to stop the tears of a young girl standing in the women's section of a department store.’
    • ‘Researchers say those with excess fat around the stomach - the so-called apple shape - are also less healthy than full-figured women.’
    • ‘‘We welcome and cater for everyone from the young to the young at heart, the petite to the full-figured,’ Antonie said.’
    • ‘In an era of waifs and buffed bodies, the full-figured beauties in Rubens's works have a graceful nobility.’
    • ‘She wanted to be Tina Turner in a hot miniskirt and boots, but those styles were hard to find for a full-figured woman.’
    • ‘Once a tiny, flitting waif, she had become a graceful, full-figured woman.’
    • ‘If you look back in history, the Greek statues of beautiful women would be considered rather full-figured by today's standards.’
    • ‘It seems odd that if society is finally maturing to the point where it advises full-figured women, regardless of race or culture, to be more accepting of their bodies, why it doesn't advise slender women to do the same.’
    • ‘A pretty, full-figured woman with long blond hair had just arrived with the desserts.’
    • ‘A drop-waist style is a sophisticated choice that can make you look taller, and a princess style works well for full-figured petite women.’
    • ‘They are full-figured and they relish in their size and manage to be fashionable, attractive, and dynamic and yes, successful in their careers.’
    • ‘Whether they're apples or pears, hourglass or rectangle-shaped, full-figured women want to look good.’
    • ‘Cheryl Hudson-Jackson believes many women dread buying intimate apparel, particularly those with full-figured bodies.’
    • ‘My friend Katie, a pretty, full-figured African-American woman in her early forties, is putting her life back together after the collapse of a childless marriage.’
    • ‘The point is that any ‘ideal’ - whether it's full-figured or slender - creates its own tyranny when applied to the female body.’
    • ‘My sister was a little full-figured to pull off the tiny, cute-girl attire that was so popular at Beckford High.’