Definition of full-bred in US English:



  • (of an animal) bred from parents of the same breed or variety; of unmixed origin.

    ‘a large full-bred Alsatian’
    • ‘I don't know if it's a full-bred wolf but it looks like one.’
    • ‘If a picture wasn't going well I'd put a dog in it, always a mongrel, never one of the full-bred puppies.’
    • ‘Do you want a full-bred dog?’
    • ‘He's a full-bred Staffordshire Bullpit Rottweiler, and though he occasionally chews the bottom of the backdoor off, he's a harmless creature.’
    • ‘it is not in my power to furnish the gentleman with a full-bred ewe, as my whole stock of the full-bred ewes at present is only twenty.’
    pedigree, thoroughbred, full, pure-blooded, blooded, pedigreed, pure, genuine
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