Definition of full-blooded in English:



  • 1Of unmixed ancestry.

    ‘a full-blooded Cherokee’
    • ‘His angled Asiatic features reveal his full-blooded Inuit roots.’
    • ‘By then, the full-blooded Aboriginal population numbered one.’
    • ‘Leaving aside Heine and Borne, Marx was a full-blooded Jew; Lassalle was a Jew.’
    • ‘My father was a full-blooded Highlander, with the temper to prove it.’
    • ‘The removal of part-Aboriginal children was advocated on the social Darwinist grounds that their full-blooded relatives were dying out.’
    • ‘However, full-blooded Cherokees, blacks and whites, often shunned those who intermarried.’
    • ‘And many people in this world want to find out what is the essence of that particular tribe, and the purity therein, and who's full-blooded, and who's not.’
    • ‘We constantly read glowing accounts, from interested missionaries, of the civilization of these tribes; but a civilized full-blooded Indian does not exist among them.’
    • ‘They willingly accept other Sami who may not be full-blooded.’
    • ‘One of the Bedouins explains: Swalem is a full-blooded Sinai camel, with smaller feet to cope with an uneven rocky terrain and a shaggy coat to cope with the cold found at altitude.’
    • ‘It was an Indian Marine, Ira Hayes, a full-blooded member of the small Pima tribe in Arizona, who emerged as the most famous Indian of the war.’
    • ‘Kantilla became the first full-blooded Aboriginal to play in the SANFL when he made his debut against Glenelg.’
    • ‘They were hunted by British settlers in a campaign of extermination, and by 1878 the last full-blooded Aboriginal was dead.’
    • ‘Statistics seem to bear this out, for Australia's native population has shrunk to about 50,000 full-blooded Aborigines and about 160,000 with mixed blood.’
    • ‘We had been charged a fairly exorbitant price for a full-blooded Pug.’
    • ‘These Maltese couples then raised a generation of full-blooded Maltese children who had never lived in the mother country.’
    • ‘His wife was a full-blooded Arab, and a beautiful one at that.’
    • ‘Some full-blooded Creeks still farm land in the area of Oklahoma that was settled by the Upper Creeks.’
    • ‘Greene, a full-blooded Oneida, was born on the Iroquois Six Nations Reserve in southwestern Ontario.’
    pure-bred, pedigree, pure, pure-blooded, pedigreed
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  • 2Vigorous, enthusiastic, and without compromise.

    ‘a full-blooded argument’
    • ‘Hopefully, on Saturday, we will see a full-blooded contest played in the right spirit.’
    • ‘None of that opposition is going anywhere, and because millions of people turned out and actually voted to endorse what's going on, at least we might start being full-blooded in our response.’
    • ‘Thereafter, the death of the regent, Mary of Guise, unleashed new French intervention in Scotland; there was sporadic fighting, which was overtaken by full-blooded Protestant revolution.’
    • ‘The IOC's executive board is meant to endorse candidate cities in May next year, opening the way for a full-blooded assessment, including visits by an evaluation commission.’
    • ‘The advent of the Second Empire in 1848 saw a full-blooded return, the seeds of which had been sown in the two previous decades, to the styles of earlier centuries.’
    • ‘By 1900, larger country houses had reverted to full-blooded classicism, presaging an imperial pomp which few Edwardian architects could resist.’
    • ‘The Surrey batsmen also preferred the off-side, with little dabs down to third man and beautifully-timed touches past the bowler, contrasting his partner's full-blooded drive.’
    • ‘Their songs are full-blooded, intelligent, anchored by strong melodies and hooks, and all driven home by a huge sound (two guitars, three voices, tape loops, violin, that bass).’
    • ‘The laughter was long and loud, the jokes full-blooded, and the criticism personalised and offensive.’
    • ‘That commitment to full-blooded performances is what keeps the play consistently new, says Kate.’
    • ‘Voters in Scotland, indeed in Britain, have rarely been offered a full-blooded socialist alternative at the ballot box.’
    • ‘A lot of the United players will be very pleased to see City back in the Premiership - you cannot beat a full-blooded derby clash.’
    • ‘Haaland was by now playing for Manchester City, and towards the end of a full-blooded game with United Keane launched a vicious, thigh-high assault that left Haaland writhing on the ground and Keane receiving another red card.’
    • ‘The second-half began at a tremendous pace, the visitors obviously under instructions to take no prisoners and the full-blooded encounter continued although it was not confined to the forwards.’
    • ‘Morecambe, Lancaster and the North West will benefit in the long term from a full-blooded commitment to a rich array of leisure and tourist features on the central promenade.’
    • ‘United-Arsenal clashes in recent years have all been full-blooded affairs in which penalties have repeatedly played a crucial role.’
    • ‘Being embroiled in a full-blooded war was not what he'd imagined his tour of the bordering principalities would entail.’
    • ‘Polish nationalism burst into another full-blooded insurrection in 1863, but Russia was able to bring it under control because the Crimean coalition against her could no longer be put together.’
    • ‘A superb display of teamwork enabled Thackley to ease past a determined Whitley Bay to reach the last 64 of the FA Vase after a full-blooded second-round tie at Dennyfield.’
    • ‘Second, you must drive like a full-blooded enthusiast most of the time.’
    • ‘He could turn a political argument into a full-blooded, passionate struggle.’
    • ‘With only two minutes to go of a full-blooded encounter an horrific error by Danish goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen provided the opportunity for Mattias Jonsson to make Italy's nightmare a reality.’
    • ‘The other astonishing feature of this display was despite Ireland's full-blooded commitment, they only conceded nine penalties throughout the match.’
    • ‘Once he started on that road, the logical result must have been a full-blooded effort to impose a police state and crush all opposition.’
    • ‘Their full-blooded assault piling men in at the breakdown secured a ready supply of possession, forced Henley on the back foot and reduced them to standing off in defence rather than challenging for the ball.’
    all out, complete, total, uncompromising, committed, out and out, thorough, thoroughgoing, vigorous, strenuous, intense
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