Definition of fugleman in US English:



  • 1A soldier placed in front of a regiment or company while drilling to demonstrate the motions and time.

    • ‘In mid-channel the music of the fugleman's flute ceased, and the rowers rested on their oars.’
    • ‘The words of a haka are either sung by all the performers, or, in some cases, the fugleman leads off for a line or two and the others join in as a kind of chorus, as we have shown.’
    • ‘The boat-songs were to give time to the paddlers in canoes, and were sung by directors or fuglemen of whom there were two in each large war-canoe, one near the bow and the other near the stern.’
    • ‘The manufactured praise accompanying Grohl, supplied by a corps of pro fuglemen who lead and escort the illustrious on his vanity venture, is grand.’
    1. 1.1 A leader, organizer, or spokesman.
      ‘fuglemen of the ideological right’
      • ‘This is a question which, of course, nobody could answer, and which, in fact, the fuglemen of ‘affirmative action’ were, and still are, very unwilling to have asked in public.’
      • ‘A good deal of nonsense about the obsolescence of art is written by the less responsible fuglemen of science - communist science, bien entendu.’


Early 19th century: from German Flügelmann ‘leader of the file’, from Flügel ‘wing’ + Mann ‘man’.