Definition of fuel oil in US English:

fuel oil


  • Oil used as fuel in an engine or furnace.

    • ‘The car bomb was believed to be made of a potent mix of dynamite, ammonium nitrate and a petroleum product such as fuel oil, a US intelligence official said in Washington.’
    • ‘Common fuels used for this purpose are: electricity, propane, natural gas, kerosene, fuel oil, wood and wood pellets.’
    • ‘An oil slick was found in the Pacific Ocean off Kochi Prefecture on Sunday and the coast guard office in Kobe later concluded the oil is a mixture of fuel oil and engine lubricant.’
    • ‘Portable fan-forced air heaters come in models that operate on fuel oil, kerosene or propane gas.’
    • ‘The common fuels burned in these appliances are natural or LP gas, fuel oil, kerosene, wood, or coal.’
    • ‘First Choice was prepared to supply oil lubricant products on credit, but not gasoline or diesel fuel oil.’
    • ‘On 16 August 1945 it removed them from petrol, fuel oil, and processed foods, and by the end of the year very few remained.’
    • ‘Blades should be kept free of pitch with kerosene, fuel oil or mineral spirits.’
    • ‘The refined products, to include gasoline, kerosene, diesel and fuel oil, are intended for Indonesian domestic consumption.’
    • ‘Just ask the lady who has to wash the sweat, fuel oil, lube oil, grease, grime, dirt and smells from my uniforms.’
    • ‘More than a dozen refineries were built in the Caribbean to export residual fuel oil and other products to the United States.’
    • ‘Both diesel engines operate on No. 2 fuel oil, carried in two 200-gallon tanks.’
    • ‘Most US power plants are fueled by coal, fuel oil, and natural gas, the only fuels available in sufficient quantities to meet the demand.’
    • ‘Next, a drilling rig drills a series of holes in the face, and a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil is pneumatically placed into the holes.’
    • ‘It also introduced a rationing program involving products such as tires, gasoline, fuel oil and sugar.’
    • ‘However, the firm sees increasing benefits in making overseas investments on fuel oil and other petroleum products.’
    • ‘The most likely methods are electrolysis or production from fossil fuels, such as natural gas or fuel oil.’
    • ‘These run their own refineries which are geared towards production of lighter products such as gas oil and petrol, rather than fuel oil.’
    • ‘Refiners were forced to market other oil products, such as fuel oil for powering ships.’
    • ‘In addition to 3,140m3 of benzene, the vessel was carrying 105 tonnes of fuel oil and diesel.’


fuel oil

/ˈfyo͞o(ə)l ˌoil/