Definition of fuel element in US English:

fuel element


  • An element consisting of nuclear fuel and other materials for use in a reactor.

    • ‘This SLHC core no longer uses a compilation of individual vertical fuel elements containing long and narrow coolant channels.’
    • ‘Furthermore a Boron ring is employed at the lower end of the fuel element to level the power density in this region.’
    • ‘The experimental manufacturing facilities of the Institute allow complete design development cycle to be performed for the core units, components, fuel elements, and fuel subassemblies.’
    • ‘Cesium - 137, which decays to nonradioactive barium, is found in spent fuel elements from nuclear reactors.’
    • ‘About 40,000 fuel elements will be removed from the reactors over the next three years.’
    • ‘Well, if they aimed a big enough rocket, I mean a missile with a big enough warhead, they could release radioactivity from the spent reactor fuel elements which could be quite serious.’
    • ‘The postoperation structure of the surface contamination of the equipment in the setup used for fabricating fuel elements is studied.’
    • ‘A nuclear reactor containing only fuel elements would be unusable because a chain reaction could probably not be sustained within it.’
    • ‘The photo to the right shows a model that was presented of the fuel elements used in the APS - 1 reactor.’
    • ‘Water coolant flows down through the entrance channels and then up through the fuel elements to cool the reactor as well as to provide moderation for reactor operation.’
    • ‘The top of the pressure vessel is removed, the internal structures above the fuel are disconnected and the fuel elements are lifted from the pressure vessel and passed to the cooling ponds.’
    • ‘Flooding of a reactor with sea water furnishes additional cooling for the fuel elements and so provides added protection against the release of radioactive fission products.’
    • ‘The maximum fuel-plate temperature of 195.2°F occurs near the top of the outer fuel element stored in the top tier.’