Definition of fuel efficiency in US English:

fuel efficiency


  • The capacity of an engine, especially that of a vehicle, to obtain energy from fuel.

    ‘the company has always placed a lot of emphasis on improving fuel efficiency’
    • ‘They'll try to force auto makers to boost fuel efficiency.’
    • ‘At that stage, the objective was to identify the features that would yield the greatest savings in weight and generate the highest fuel efficiency.’
    • ‘Fuel efficiency also falls fast when you turn on the air conditioning.’
    • ‘When a car runs on electricity, it can achieve a fuel efficiency of nearly 150 miles per gallon and eliminate exhaust emissions.’
    • ‘The company is also researching new energy systems with much lower carbon emissions and increased fuel efficiency.’
    • ‘At the office, he began rewarding employees for improving the fuel efficiency of their own cars and for carpooling.’
    • ‘Even though the technology is getting better, their fuel efficiency is getting worse.’
    • ‘Fuel efficiency per passenger-mile improves with more people on the train.’
    • ‘Since aluminum is both strong and lightweight, more auto manufacturers are relying on it to boost fuel efficiency.’
    • ‘They weren't lured into showrooms by the car's fuel efficiency or engine torque.’