Definition of fubar in US English:


(also foobar)


  • Out of working order; seriously, perhaps irreparably, damaged.

    ‘the clock in the hall is fubar’
    • ‘My scanner is fubar for a limited time, and I am away from my computer for the holiday period anyhow.’
    • ‘However you took the offending article down before I had chance to snort with derision at its fubar logic and textual opacity.’
    • ‘Things have to go really fubar before he lets a bus run in outside of the time limit.’
    • ‘The army commanders, cut off from each other, independently came to basically the same conclusion - the situation was completely fubar.’
    • ‘The administration's recent exposure of the mole inside al Qaeda - an incredible fubar accomplishment - highlights what happens when everything is run by the political arm.’
    • ‘The only thing that is fubar here is your post.’
    • ‘Well, this is completely fubar.’
    • ‘‘The situation we're stuck in is completely fubar,’ he told her.’
    • ‘This situation is completely fubar.’
    • ‘No, dude, my email has been fubar for the last week and a half.’
    • ‘I will not let this mission go fubar because there are too many chiefs giving orders to my Indians.’


1940s: acronym from fucked up beyond all recognition (or repair).