Definition of Fu Manchu in English:

Fu Manchu

(also Fu Manchu mustache)


  • A long narrow mustache in which the ends taper and droop down to the chin.

    • ‘When I first saw a still from the film, with Stiller sporting a power mullet and a Fu Manchu, it was enough to bring a smile to my face.’
    • ‘His eyes are smeared over with dark makeup, his face is pale white, with a Fu Manchu and his smile is evil and menacing.’
    • ‘Morrison's wispy attempt at a Fu Manchu might be the most noticeable bit of facial hair in sports right now.’
    • ‘If I have to choose from those mustaches I'll take the Fu Manchus of Hulk Hogan and Paul Teutel.’
    • ‘Investigating further Nayland Smith finds that the Fu Manchu is indeed alive and well.’


Mid 20th century: the kind of mustache worn by Fu Manchu, a master criminal in the novels of British writer Sax Rohmer (1883-1959).


Fu Manchu

/ˌfo͞o ˌmanˈCHo͞o/