Definition of FSBO in US English:



  • 1For sale by owner, referring to the sale of property directly by the owner rather than through a professional real estate agent.

    ‘FSBO sellers’
    • ‘I am not saying that you should not go FSBO (for sale by owner) or let your house be sold by Aunt Millie, who just got her license last month.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in the face of FSBO competition and the Internet (all for free for the sellers) realtors are still able to get people to hand over tens of thousands of dollars to help them sell and buy their houses.’
    • ‘Finally, we knew we needed to pull it off the market and try and sell it FSBO in order to drop the price quite a bit.’
    • ‘We buy FSBO houses for cash in Portland.’
    • ‘I was going to go it alone in selling the condo by doing a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) to save the 6 percent broker's fee … boy am I glad my wife talked me out of it.’
  • 2as noun An owner selling a home or other property without the assistance of a real estate agent.

    ‘FSBOs rely on their lawyers to draw up contracts’
    • ‘Seventy-one percent of FSBOs who managed to sell their homes on their own said they would try and sell their home on their own again.’
    • ‘He shows FSBOs how to run ads on Craigslist's for-rent section that say something on the order of "why rent when you can buy for less money."’
    • ‘FSBOs believe they don't need anyone holding their hands.’
    • ‘Real estate agents know FSBOs don't often manage to sell their own homes.’
    • ‘Would-be FSBOs should ask themselves a few questions: Do they really have the time to show their house themselves? Do they understand all the paperwork?’
    • ‘"If a FSBO is having trouble selling their house or isn't getting many calls, CellularRE can assist them," explains Steinman.’
    • ‘In addition to selling homes the traditional way, he has a Web site devoted to helping local FSBOs get the process started.’
    • ‘FSBOs often have unrealistic expectations about what their property is worth, and a buyer's agent will help bring them down to earth.’
    • ‘FSBOs typically do not have the same extensive market strategies, tools and resources as Realtors do to reach potential buyers.’
    • ‘The other domain represents the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) side of the business, allowing FSBOs to list their property for a one-time fee covering 12 full months.’