Definition of frustratingly in US English:



  • 1In a way that causes irritation or frustration.

    ‘the film is frustratingly undercut by a lack of artistic daring’
    as submodifier ‘my recovery proved frustratingly slow’
    • ‘On some tracks, the lyrics become frustratingly indecipherable.’
    • ‘The singer's formidable skills are frustratingly wasted on this trite, piano-backed piece.’
    • ‘It satisfies people who watch television in the frustratingly vain hope that they might happen across something new.’
    • ‘Why would I want to play this frustratingly difficult game?’
    • ‘However, it is not frustratingly challenging and you will soon find yourself moving on in the game.’
    • ‘The old problems persisted, and efforts to locate funds continued at a frustratingly slow pace.’
    • ‘All through the film, the focus remains on the police officers, with the murderer remaining frustratingly elusive.’
    • ‘This too-brief song offers a dense mix and meaty beat that frustratingly trails off without going anywhere.’
    • ‘She paradoxically and frustratingly proposes to achieve hybridized ends by deploying means that are less variegated than they need to be.’
    • ‘The control scheme makes it frustratingly easy to accidentally walk across the wrong tile.’
  • 2sentence adverb Used to express irritation or frustration at a situation or event.

    ‘frustratingly, we do not learn the actual outcome’
    • ‘Frustratingly, this often leaves law enforcement authorities with their hands tied, unable to crack down on offenses in their own jurisdiction.’
    • ‘Frustratingly, all of these deleted scenes are presented in non-anamorphic widescreen.’
    • ‘Indeed, and frustratingly, I am not sure that biologists have any good evidence that rogue foxes are a real phenomenon.’
    • ‘Most frustratingly from the perspective of modern feminism, the concept of real choice for women gets completely glossed over.’
    • ‘Frustratingly, we see here how rescuing the artifacts of mass culture can so easily turn them into unapproachable objects.’
    • ‘Frustratingly, the supervisor does not tackle this head on.’
    • ‘Frustratingly, the current program was meant to commence over 12 months ago but has been continually delayed by bureaucratic hurdles.’
    • ‘There were so many excellent things therein to admire but I still felt that, frustratingly, it didn't touch me where it had to and capture my emotions.’
    • ‘Frustratingly, the whole patch had been cleared for a housing development.’
    • ‘Frustratingly, every character quickly shuffles into and out of a crisis in their lives.’