Definition of fruitlet in US English:



  • 1An immature or small fruit.

    • ‘Apple scab over-winters on fallen leaves, codling moth caterpillars live in fallen apples and pear midge grubs live in fallen fruitlets.’
    • ‘In other years with an early bloom date, many fruitlets reach 1-inch diameters by early May.’
    • ‘If the first fruitlet is taken from the north side of a tree, choose the next fruitlet from the east, then south and so on.’
    • ‘Sawflies infest fruitlets and cause these to drop prematurely after which the pests pupate in the topsoil.’
    • ‘Eggs hatch by full bloom and nymphs feed on developing fruitlets though the petal fall period.’
    • ‘Thinning of fruitlets by hand is often impossible due to labour cost and availability.’
    • ‘As the number of king blossoms decreases, so will the average diameter of the fruitlet decrease.’
    • ‘Each of these fruitlets in turn is ‘protected’ by little white sepals.’
    • ‘Recently, apple fruitlets were also shown to be a rich source, and the kinins have been extracted from this tissue and concentrated.’
    • ‘She said their early apricot varieties were already forming fruitlets and the bees were ‘flat out’ on the later-blossoming varieties.’
    • ‘The cells that will become next year's fruit buds are beginning to form when you can see this year's fruitlets, which are baby apples just starting to form.’
    • ‘Do not worry about fruitlet size so much as applying the thinning spray when weather conditions are good, as discussed above.’
    1. 1.1Botany
      another term for drupelet
      • ‘Pedicel CSA in fruitlets destined to abscind declined once symptoms of pending abscission became apparent.’
      • ‘Recently, it has been shown that young Citrus fruitlets are able to synthesize ethylene in a manner that resembles the system II pathway of the climacteric fruits.’
      • ‘Although a higher proportion of fruitlets were thinned from the low-vigour vines after anthesis (data not shown), these vines still carried higher crop loads relative to total leaf area.’
      • ‘This is a composite fruit formed of 100-200 berry-like fruitlets fused together, giving its outside a tessellated appearance.’
      • ‘The larvae are yellow-white in colour, up to 4mm long and found in cavities within distorted fruitlets.’