Definition of fruitiness in US English:



  • See fruity

    • ‘Brazilian Jabuticaba Fruit which grows exclusively in Brazil, has a tart fruitiness and this note gives the fragrance a refreshing natural glow.’
    • ‘It has a malty, strong aroma and the full flavours include nuts, malt and a rather tangy fruitiness which we decided was most similar to pineapple chunks.’
    • ‘It is full-bodied but has a light structure and fruitiness.’
    • ‘The delicacy and mineral-infused fruitiness of the Riesling accentuates the freshness of the spicy ingredients, keeping the dish lively rather than overtly hot.’
    • ‘However, it also needs a touch of sweetness in the guise of wild rowan jelly - with its sharp fruitiness and beautiful autumnal colour, this adds the final touch to a truly glorious dish.’