Definition of fruiterer in US English:



  • A retailer of fruit.

    ‘an assistant at a fruiterer's in Kensington’
    • ‘Customers are buying less fruit since sweets were taken off the ration, say leaders of 8,000 North-west fruiterers.’
    • ‘I have taken photographs of our good butchers, bakers, fruiterers and grocer and am sending a copy to the Museum.’
    • ‘On his death certificate his occupation is given as fruiterer.’
    • ‘The fruiterer walked off with his money, and the guards gave the butter merchant fifty blows of a courbash on the soles of his feet.’
    • ‘A further 50 lb were donated by Taylors fruiterers of Atherton.’
    • ‘The gardener knew the fruiterer very well, for it was to him that he sold, on the proprietor's account, the surplus of the fruit which was grown in the gardens of the estate.’
    • ‘It had 10 butchers, 10 grocers, six fish-and-chip shops, haberdashers, ironmongers and fruiterers.’
    • ‘And, clad like a poor woman, she went to the fruiterer, to the grocer, to the butcher, a basket on her arm, haggling, insulted, fighting for every wretched halfpenny of her money.’
    • ‘The fruiterer packs up the fruit in a paper bag to be carried home.’
    • ‘During 1901-02, a shop was built on what became Part Three of Lot 245, which was leased to fruiterer Albert Blencoe.’
    • ‘More, the fruiterers had never heard of a persimmon.’
    • ‘Finding that fruit with foreign labels sells at double price, some Shanghai vendors have begun producing fake labels for fruiterers.’
    • ‘They were fruiterers who lived and worked from their home 472/474 Halliwell Road.’
    • ‘After the decimation of rural areas in the 13 th Century through the Plague and War of the Roses, fruiterer Richard Harris set up the first large-scale orchards on the instructions of Henry VIII.’
    • ‘The earliest record is said to be a fruiterer's bill from the court of the English King Edward I, dated 1276, for gooseberry bushes imported from France.’


Late Middle English: from fruiter + -er; the reason for the addition of the suffix is unclear.